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More than projects.

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More than style.

“I purposely avoid a ‘signature style,’ and customize everything.”


Jan Niels

Jan Niels is the only Texas-based interior designer who owns a furniture and home accessories retail store in Austin, TX.  With her extensive range of resources from all over the world, she is able to create customized, one-of-a-kind luxury design projects for high profile clients worldwide

Jan’s focus for over 25 years has been to design luxurious and unique homes, estates, villas, condos and show properties for Fortune 500 company CEOs, oil industry executives, financial industry leaders, doctors, surgeons and other successful professionals. She is a customization specialist, and each of her projects is an “original,” meticulously and lavishly styled to meet the wants and needs of her clients.


“A residence should reflect the unique qualities of the client.”

Jan says, “I purposely avoid a ‘signature style,’ and customize everything: from entryways to finishes to light fixtures to bedroom sconces. I don’t duplicate the products I use for different properties.”

Her commitment to customization begins before the construction does. She spends hours reviewing the blueprints with her clients to assure that everything from the electrical outlets to the kitchen layout are configured to meet their needs.


A home building expert.

Jan advocates for her clients in a variety of ways. She is able to study floor plans to improve living spaces, better utilizing square feet and adding functionality to spaces. She has an amazing ability to visualize and communicate her ideas and details to builders, architects and clients. With her degree in Interior design and Architectural studies, from the University of Texas, she has greatly increased the value of her client’s homes.

Jan offers a full spectrum of interior design services, from project management and space planning to furniture and flooring selection.


Decor from around the world.

Jan has access to resources around the world, and calls on her vast network of vendors and suppliers to provide special finishes, customized furniture, rare flooring materials and other elegant touches to accommodate her clientele. She attends markets often, staying inspired, collecting and sharing latest and best trends in the industry.

She is backed by a team of some of the state’s most distinguished architects, builders, artisans, kitchen and bath specialists, and other innovative professionals.

Fusing the best of her inspirations and experiences, Jan earns a reputation for her creative vision and artistic intellect to design from blueprint to bed sheets.


Jan has developed long term relationships with many of her 2500 clients over the years.

By providing continuing design services Jan has enabled her valued clients to maintain their luxury lifestyles.

Jan, who is active in a wide variety of charitable organizations, was named one of Texas’ most influential women in business by the Austin Business Journal. She belongs to several industry organizations, including the American Society of Interior Designers, the National Home Builders Assn. and the National Home Furnishings Assn., Best Practices Network-an exclusive, nationwide group of Interior Design entrepreneurs improving the design profession as a whole.

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